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Grow Your Team

One of the most important things you can do for your worship ministry is to identify those who can play an immediate active role and those who have potential or interest. How do you identify the right people? What does a thorough and appropriate audition process look like ? How can you best encourage and serve those who have that potential or interest? What are some things to look out for as your team grows and your ministry expands? We can help you build and maintain your team in a healthy way.

Grow Your Prep

We will help you find the most effective way to approach your ministry events and services starting with the central heart of worship through spiritual growth and weekly preparation. There are various efficient means to plan your services, schedule your people, navigate rehearsals and run sound checks. During your grow session we will also help you work through what the most effective order of service would look like tailored specifically to the way YOU do ministry. When to sing, when to speak, videos, transitions, every element of the service down to the very last detail to help you maximize the experience for your congregation utilizing the flow of worship and resources available to you. Preparation is the foundation for success!

Grow Your Tech

Technology has quickly become a major resource in the church world. While the use of technology in worship can help convey the Gospel through music and message, it can also easily overpower it and distract your audience. We'll walk you through incorporating technology into your services and into your band. Everything from best practices and setups for backing tracks, monitors, sound, lights, projections and video content, we will help you get the most out of your gear and help you plan for the future.

Grow sessions are available in one, two, or three day packages. They can be booked stand alone, or as an ad-on to a live event that Declare is playing. Each member of Declare is blessed to work at churches that invest in healthy team/tech practices and acknowledge the importance of group growth as a whole, both core members and those who will be coming into our ministries. We have past and on-going collective teaching/instructing experience at the Seacoast School of Worship, and worship consulting for various churches and denominations as we travel across the US. Our Grow Sessions were born out of our love for what we do and the desire we have to share our experiences with others. As each of us continue to strive to be more and more authentic on and off stage, we desire to share that journey and help and encourage your teams in the same way. Each Grow session is carefully planned and tailored to fit your team and your needs right where you are now, whether that be your main worship team or your youth band. You're doing your best to lead people to Jesus, and we'd love to help you in that mission. For more information, simply click "Book the Band" below and check the Grow Sessions box. Let's grow together!

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